Selysee is a women-led company that only works with top women from the luxury industry. A Dutch female designer, a Spanish production manager and last but not least a female-led and owned factory. We can say that our company has an eye for female empowerment and lady bosses, don’t you think?


Our mission is to give all women a boost in self-confidence. We aim to design elegant, chic heels for every future occasion. All shoes are authentic and have an unique fitting that offers both comfort and support. During our production process we only use the best leather goods, materials and accessories. Yet we present this slightly differently than others. Selysee has an eye for sustainable, animal-friendly (we provide only leather goods from the food industry), vegan or recycled materials.

Sustainable fashion

Selysee strives to offer a sustainable and animal-friendly alternative. But it doesn’t stop here: we use sustainable packaging. We do this by using recycled paper for our shoe boxes. We also try to minimize unnecessary logistics, that’s why all heels are designed- and manufactured in Spain (Europe).

Medium wide fit

At Selysee we think one step further than other brands. Many luxury heels are often to small for most women. For this reason, Selysee has desigend the heels based on a medium wide fit. This makes our shoes suitable for almost everyone! A luxury designer heel should of course be beautiful but also needs to fit comfortably.

As a result, the sizes are a bit wider and larger and therefore we recommend that you order the heels one size smaller than usual.

Do you want to shop for our beautiful heels whilst taking care of our planet? Then order a pair of Selysee heels online or come visit us in our unique store!