Selysee was founded by Selina van der Keur in 2020. Selina was born in Dordrecht (the Netherlands) and has worked as an applied psychologist within the mental health care sector during the past years. However, Selina is a real entrepreneur at heart. With her creativity and her enormous passion for heels, she immediately knew what she wanted to do when she was young; designing luxery shoes.

After years of market research, she noticed something; why are there not many producers of sustainable and animal-friendly heels in the fashion industry? And why are we, consumers, not aware that there is still so much animal suffering? To anticipate this terrible discovery, Selina has started creating her own brand of exclusive heels. Selysee has designed an unique medium fit shoe that provides comfort and looks elegant at the same time. No more blisters and painfull toes!

Will you join us on our adventure?